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Recovery Café San José (RCSJ) is a healing community for those traumatized by homelessness, addiction, and mental health challenges. Located in the heart of downtown San Jose, RCSJ is a place where anyone seeking recovery support can come for meals, classes, community resources, and to build positive relationships.

Recovery Circles – small weekly peer support and accountability groups – form the base of our program. Through the Circles, each member comes to be deeply known and supported by at least one staff member or volunteer facilitator.

Our School for Recovery includes such classes as WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan), Emotional Growth, Finding Meaningful Work, Cooking Skills, and Nonviolent Communication.

Art, music, yoga and special events and activities fill out each day's schedule, and the day is framed by Community Meals. And there's always plenty of coffee and social activity.

Also onsite is our 8-bed Recovery Residence Program, providing transitional housing to RCSJ members making progress on their goals in education, employment, health, and recovery.

Since opening in April 2014 RCSJ has supported many hundreds of individuals in their recovery, helping them reach such goals as family reunification, and achieving the stability to gain - and maintain - housing and employment.

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Recovery Cafe San Jose, 80 South 5th Street, San Jose, CA 95112.

Your memorial gift continues our mission as your legacy. Please consider naming "Recovery Cafe San Jose (tax ID# 45-4496745)" as a beneficiary of your estate, insurance policy, or retirement plan.